Thursday, 30 June 2011


Andrew Gray is on his way from LA to Belgium for the 4 hour Classic endurance at Spa this weekend. His Guzzi has been crated and shipped out. I wish I was going too. This year it's Guzzi's 90th birthday special, but there will still be all those fabulously fugly Kwackers with chunky tanks, bug-eyed spotlamps, and over-size ducktails.
BP: "Ride with style and grace Andrew"
AG:"What about guile and pace?"
Andrew and Kristina post race in parc ferméResult: 18th place out of 70 starters. 1st Guzzi home (after the winning Guzzi of Moto Box was disqualified). The Guzzi ran brilliantly. We only saw the track the previous afternoon.The best part of the event (except finishing) was sitting Kristina on the tank and riding back to the garage from parc ferme, scattering the assembled party and revving the tits off the Guzzi in celebration. Nothing like a Guzzi on open pipes at 8K in an enclosed space. Heaven!!

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Nick said...

It's Moto Beli I think are usually front runners with there Moto Guzzi, I think it was them a Magny Cour whose bike cartweeled down the road as the Saturday evening session came to an end, back into the pits and by 4 in the morning it was starting to look like a bike again, and out on the track for the Sunday lunchtime session, thats racing