Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pike's Peak

Some of our favourite people were racing Pike's Peak last week. I hope they all met each other.
Dimitri Coste was racing his OSFA Triumph. Marco Belli was racing his Zaeta (to third in the 750cc - even though he's on, I think, a bored-out 450 single). And Travis 747 was on his 450. Sounds like an amazing event. Everyone raves about it. One day, maybe. G


747 said...

It was a epic good time. Dimitri was a mighty fine friend. The three of us shared a victory smoke at the top together. priceless. hope all and more can make the race next year.

Nick said...

Yup, wanted to go for years, made Daytona in 04 but then there's Springfield as well, O'h and then there's the money, just seems a bit slow at coming in at the moment

RichM said...

Everything Coste based is class. That suit on Dimitri's blog makes me feel sick it's so cool, the chevron elbow padding, the chequers, the buttery soft white leather - amazing.