Saturday, 7 January 2012

Berlin Sportster

From Germany, Martin's super-neat Sporty

Hi Sideburners,
I have been following your blog and mag for quite a while - great job so far!
Being inspired by some of the projects that were featured in your blog I modified my 1991 Sportster a little (pics attached).
Hope you like it.
My other bike is an all original 1980 H.-D. XR-750.
The bike currently undergoes some mods, i.e. total-loss battery, lights, tach/speedo and so on to hit the street for an occasional blast.

On the Sporty the fork, wheels and brakes are 97 Kwack ZX-6R + belt drive, 17" Tires are 120/160 Heidenau K73 ;
Yes, you are right: swingarm is JMC extendable up to +10 cm, rear shocks are Fournales with black Harley wrinckle-coat (couldn't afford some good Works, WP or even better Öhlins... yet), Storz aluminum gas tank, ISR controls, LSL pegs, Motogadget tach/speedo (lucky me - it's a Berlin-based company, as you will know!);
Power delivers an entire 89 cubic inch S&S engine (bought in new parts and then assembled), carb is a Mikuni HSR 45/47 mm, Supertrapp 2-2 which I separated a little for better looks (too me it appears too massive in the original style);
It is very torquey and powerful, you can either let the rear wheel slip or wheelie. (I am still working on that powerslide around corners :-))
Motor should deliver 100+ PS and 130+ Nm at the rear wheel, turns easily very low 11s at 120 mph on the quarter-mile.

I used to drag race a little with a non-wheelie bar streetable Sportster that had a 120 ci S&S engine which turned low 9s at 147mph on the strip.
2006 was my last season so far racing a Harley Destroyer in the first European Cup, it was good fun, especially in Hockenheim.
Happy New Year and keep up with the good work. Maybe see you around.
Martin, Berlin

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Steve said...

I like.
Those droopy wide bars with not a lot in front always look cool.