Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Pace that Thrills 1952

That Dusty is a doity wat. Thanks to Lenny Bubble Visor for the tip. BP


mp said...

Oh no it seems Iv'e been userped! As You can see I have uploaded clips from this in 2009, good movie ha ha

Sideburn Magazine said...

Maxwell did you film that off the telly?
it looks & sounds like it!

747 said...

women should not have angles, only curves. ha ha!

mp said...

@BP I got that shizzle on dvd. Filmed it off laptop screen innit

Sideburn Magazine said...

you bootleg bad buoy you.
wrap your laptop in your duvet next time & it wont be so echoy.
BP bedsit pirate (you always wondered what it stood for didnt you?)