Monday, 30 January 2012

Low Key

We don't organise this, but we go along. The scene in the UK is too small to ignore this, but standing around a car park in North London in February isn't particularly appealing. I don't know how we got stuck with February. The Raleigh Chopper and Manta GTE club must have got all the good dates.
Why am I being down on it? Because it is what it is. But when we make a fuss about something you can be sure it's special. G


markm said...

"test your heated grips day" gotta be worth a mention

Mick P said...

Plenty of Thorntons chocolates should help keep the cold out.

747 said...

will their be really really loud techno music?

good lookin fellow on they poster.

Anthony Brown said...

Yeah Travis for sure.

Bangin Techo and chavs a plenty.