Wednesday, 4 January 2012

CFM on the web

We talk about CFM a lot on this blog. Carl (the C of CFM) is definitely a Sideburn brother. He rolled our turd of an FT500 in glitter (that's him testing it below), then did a lot of the hard work on our project Royal Enfield. He's also worked on all the other bikes I've owned in the last three years.
Carl is a low-overhead thinker, a do-er, a fixer, a specials builder and practical sorter-outer. He loves bikes. He races bikes. He likes Twisted Sister too. Don't hold that against him.
Anyway, CFM now have a website - CFM-Ruskington. If you have a project you've stalled with or would like a bike modifying, it's worth bookmarking their site. Above is the Dresda Triumph he built a few years ago. Tasty, eh? G

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Hot Shoe said...

That's a lovely Triton. I had a Dresda Triton in the 1970s that was built in the 1960s when Dave Degans had his shop in Putney, London. Later he moved the Dresda business to Isleworth, Middlesex.
He was an excellent road racer in the 60s and made some very nice bikes.