Friday, 6 January 2012

Old Empire Motorcycles

Just been sent this. Good luck Alec.

Hi there, thought id drop in an e-mail to inform you of a new motorcycle business only recently founded here in the UK, where we are striving to bring a fresh lease of life to british motorcycle design and manufacture.

Old Empire Motorcycles is a fledgling custom motorcycle enterprise at the moment and still finding its feet.We have only really been fully operational for a couple of months now, but its taken a full year to get prepared, as in the workshop, equipment
etc. Regular updates are put on facebook/twitter and a website is currently under construction, aswell as other promoting material. Three bikes are under way in the workshop, a Triumph, Yamaha and a Royal Enfield, two of which will be done by end of Jan 2012.
If you have the time check out the Old Empire Motorcycles facebook page, there is some background info on the brand and what we are aiming to acheive. I will attach a picture of the
Tempest and the Pup as both are looking really promising, as well as our insignia. I suppose the reason im really contacting you is the possibilty of getting some interest from a wider audience than just locals and friends and family. Dont get me wrong some feedback is better than no feedback from the work im doing but it would be nice to get some other views!

Anyway thankyou for your time,
Alec Sharp
Old Empire Motorcycles


Jorge Pullin said...

There's something wrong with the link for their facebook page...

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Hairy Larry said...

I like his frame table design...might borrow a few ideas.

Chris said...

liking this :)