Sunday, 20 May 2012

Krazy Horse DQ

"Harleys handle like shite". This one handled the shite.
Dirt Quake was phenomenal. Ditto everything Gary has already said. Plus some peculiar personal moments; eg rolling out to the start grid behind the pace-car that was actually a smoking puff-pastry steak'n'kidney pie on wheels, I'm flanked by nine other choppers (or at least their front knobblies, while the rider is some way further behind). This is chopper speedway.
These atmospheric shots by Sam Christmas show Dimitri Coste riding a Zero Engineering street legal (fully EU homologated) Samurai chop, supplied by Krazy Horse. Dimitri rides with the panache of a seasoned moguls skier. Even in the throws of a crash he looks cool. On the last heat race, bike and rider had a nasty flip on the inner curb and went down with a crunch, ripping off a foot peg. He was still grinning. Thanks to his Ruby Pavillon lid, we could all bask in his shining face. BP


The Viceroy said...

A minter of a doo!.. After some great racing, banging my little BSA round the Coventry speedway and a hotdog i proceeded to natter to some great folk!.. A great big thankyou to all who organised. Brilliant!!

andyeastwood said...

Another home run for all the Burners of Side! Great to see everyone and nothing but respect for all the effort. Got home Kernackered, What a great weekend X Love East X

OILY RAG said...

Thanks for an AMAZING day i'm totaly hooked and want to race more..
My body aches but im still grinning like an idiot.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Wow, just keeps getting better. Any word on video footage of the Mudder of of all Quakes ?

stevie coles said...

Dimitri couldve had a go at a few thunderbikes on that chop!. his bsa was pretty special too.
A great lineup of eclectic machines, and people!!!.