Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Spaghetti Junction

Take two saucepans (cheap spun aluminium ones from Brick Lane market are fine)....
God created Heaven and Earth, but I've no idea who came up with the smart idea for electrics. I actually enjoy the challenge of a large Bolognese. But with the resurrection of my chop I wanted to go haute cuisine with no battery. Even the boffins at Boyer Bransen were'nt 100% sure about my amassed eBay parts and fuzzy logic (also mostly found on the internet). I sent them a minimal wiring diagram for appraisal and they responded not very reassuringly "It should work. In Theory".
The blue baby is a Vishay 6800 MicroFarad 25 Volt capacitor. The red box is the Boyer Bransden Micro Digital unit. These are two of the magic ingredients.
The Beaming video I posted is actually a bit of a scam. I was beaten and I cheated. I couldn't get the mofo to spark, so I jerry rigged in a battery. And then it did work. Well that meant all the new BB bits of the ignition were fine.
But with some more F'ing and B'linding and some divine electrical knowledge from Ferret (via Rupert Paul), it now Does work battery-less and I am truely a proud Daddy. BP
(this diagram could be a simpler schematic, but as-is, relates to the actual positions of components on my bike)


Harley said...

When it comes to non-standard wiring, Ferret really does have an amazing knowledge of what will work, and what won't (although that's usually what you're starting with).

Love the saucepans! I sense an "austerity chop for our beleaguered times" in the making.

Harley said...
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WhitelinePsycho said...

I see no sign of how you intend to put the smoke into the wires. I might not be a smart man . . . .

Sideburn Magazine said...

Mr Whiteline
the smoke comes from the RD350YPVS rotor spinning up on the Yamaha RD250LC stator. It's simple constant magnet dynamo.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Very bloody good BP, hilarious !! That was always a trick for young players, one thing to put the old 250LC sticker on the sidecover of the 350LC to avoid rego premiums and insurance woes, but another thing entirely to intermingle electrickery generating devices between models, particularly those later variants with the silly YPVS thingy's in the mix . . . I've got no tolerance for no tolerance . . .

RichM said...

i'm undoubtedly being thick, but what were the pans for? Some sort of harley gag?

Sideburn Magazine said...

they are to make a Moon (drag racing equipment) style oil tank - that's actually my electrics box.
Unit Jap engines are very compact and I think gapping holes behind the gearbox and under the seat look a bit odd without anything else there, and I didn't want all the spaghetti hanging out from under the tank - although the coils do have to be there in the fresh air.

rustyli150 said...

Champion indeed!

Rupert Paul said...

Ben, an uplifting story. Get us a pic of the whole final shebang when it's clanking and coughing about on her Majesty's roads. We need to see the styling.

Rosco said...

How did the little yam hold up? I spoke to you briefly in the muddy pits!! I think I will steal your thunder and give this a go. Did you run all the negative wires into the frame?? And where can I get the little blue flux capacitor from? Cheers Ross

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hi Rosco,
Yes my XS ran sweet the whole day. Didn't miss a beat. Only lost my street numberplate.
And Yes all negatives to the frame.
I bought the Vishay capacitor from Boyer, but it's a common component you can buy in decent electrical shops.
I did a lot of cross-referencing before arriving at this minimal set-up, as I didn't want the expense of frying anything before I was at least 99% sure it would (could!) work.

Does your Sparx ignition unit run it's advance off the original Yamaha sprung weights mechanism, or is it all-new electronics governing that?

Rosco said...


THe replacement is a complete swap, im either going sparx or a kit from the Good Ol US of A!

I see on your wiring diagram that the capacitor has only two wires coming from it and it looks like the unit has 3?

Are you getting the old ginger warrior back on the road? or was it purely for Dirt Quake?

You guys based around Warwickshire?

Cheers Rosco

Sideburn Magazine said...

- my capacitor (in the photo) came with 2 black earth wires (coming from the same rivet). I cut off the connectors, twisted them together, and earthed them directly to the frame with one of those loop crimps.

- Yes I plan to put Rust Quake back on the road.

- No, I'm down south.