Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Elefant on the Loose

Simon is losing his racing virgiinity on the mutant Cagiva in Dirt Quake's street tracker class. Dirt Quake Hero. (Though, when streamlining down the straights he'd be better holding onto the throttle, and being Superman with his clutch hand). G


WhitelinePsycho said...

He hath that lean and hungry look, and also the 'thousand yard stare', likely an extra large pair as well, good match up for the blade. Go hard mate, good luck !!! Gonna be a ball for all concerned

capnsimo said...

yeah good point that one about holding onto the throttle for optimal speed setting, never thought about that....mindyou as founder member of the Polite Society I will be wearing my Hi Viz novice bib emblazoned with our motto; "no please after you, I insist" this of course can be a problem when leading from the rear, more commonly known as last....still we'll see on the day