Sunday, 6 May 2012

Stuff on eBay

Richard's Yamaha XS650 street tracker, in London.
Larry's Ducati 1100 GNC bike, in Ohio. Thanks to Wilky for the link.
Jason's Sidi Joel Robert boots.
Here's his description. Genius, as usual.

 These are unused size 43 (UK 9) I believe they are no longer available, which is a shame as they are just the job for mixing style and safety. I bought them when I had my vintage Husky 400 last year, to live out my, On Any Sunday, fantasies. Which you can see from the condition of the boots, remained a fantasy. Hey ho, keep dreaming. 
Shipping within England is £15.00 or collection from Leicestershire 
In an effort to answer the usual crazy questions see below 

1, Will I ship to Ulan Bator? No but you can collect. I'll even suggest some lovely visitor actractions for you to wonder round, in your new boots perhaps. 

2, What's your buy it now price? There isn't one, it's an auction. Bid, it's fun. 

3, Will they fit me? Certainly, I can also confirm they will also fit your brother, your gran and your cat. Hang on a second, how can I confirm all that? It sounds suspiciously like a lie, how could I know they'll fit your cat? Exactly, you Dingbat. 

4, If they do not fit, can I return them? What do you think this is? M&S. I don't want them back once you've had your smelly clod hoppers in them. I'm not the one looking at second hand boots am I. 

5, You sound like a fun kinda guy and I'm a gorgeous girl, will you go out with me? Send me a picture of yourself and your Mum, along with Bank statements and I'll certainly consider it. 

6, I'm from Nigeria and have a million pounds to give you, I just need your bank account details? Certainly, I'm a sucker for cash. 

7, I only have one leg, would you consider selling the boots individually? Yes and no. But mainly no. Sorry to hear about your leg. Hope it gets better soon. 

8, I'm not actually in need of any boots but am lonely and needed the excitment of email exchange with another human, so tend to just email rhetorical questions, such as, nice boots mate, I have some almost the same. Thanks, hopefully I will sell them soon, so the one thing we had in common will be gone. Hope life stops ooffing you in the nads soon. But try think about the only common donominator in your life. It's you isn't it? I think I've covered everything. 

Thanks for looking and good luck with your bid. Jason


WhitelinePsycho said...

Bwilliantly funny stuff, one criticism though if I may. As I am domiciled on the outskirts of Ulan Bator in my one down, two up yurt, I am a tad peeved at the reluctance of the vendor to ship within the greater Mongolian Republic. If this hopefully unintended slight can be corrected I can be contacted care of WhitelinePsycho blogspot, regards, Stephen Ghengis St. John Khan LVI

^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

Nice bikes! Weird boots! hehehe...ヅ

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