Saturday, 12 May 2012

Holy Carp! He's serious

I was checking Jamie's Full Lock or Death blog and he's made his DirtBlade look very medieval with a stunt cage. It hit home that A) Someone is going to race a FireBlade on a speedway track, B) We might just be about to promote one of the most memorable races in motorcycle history.

Seeing the word 'stunt' reminded me to check up on Icon Motorsport's stunt rider in France, GuyGuy (pronounced GheeGhee, his full name is Guillaume Gleyo). He's 21 and very excited (some might say 'stoked') to be coming and showing you what he can do. And he can do a lot.
The Coventry track is big and has a large, concrete centre to the oval. This is where he'll be doing his stuff. There are going to be no breaks in the entertainment, so consider strapping a hot water bottle to your leg, to avoid missing anything when you need to take a 'comfort break'.

I spent some of yesterday talking to very excited people who are coming to race at Dirt Quake next Saturday. It's isn't easy organising events, especially ones that are trying to do something a bit different, so it was a good boost to know people are as excited about it as we hope they'd be.
Trawler (above) has been drafted into the Skooter Farm team to race our GS750 chop. That's him below on his Kooler Shaker Sportster he built a few years ago. He's never raced a bike before. His first race will be on a chopper he's never ridden before. Hero. G


WhitelinePsycho said...

Damn, I sincerely hope you bloody loons have got someone sorted to get at least the lowlights and highlights down in film format, totally bummed I'm a gazillion ferkin miles away . . . gonna be a blast for all of you I'm certain.

Captain Highside said...

Yep, Trawler's on the Skooter Farm Team in the chop class and will be kickin' ass too! SF has a full lineup this weekend. Roll up folks, it's showtime!

Drakey72 said...

Gutted I'm gonna be missing such an awesome weekend! Good luck to everyone who's getting out there and givin it some beans!

Full Lock or Death!! #29 said...

Haha cheers Ben. It's also got a 1/4 turn race throttle and no steering lock.. should be a riot! ;)

Trawler said...

Just need to correct what you said, Benny Thomas built the Kooler Shaker bike I just held the spanners. Since then I have changed it twice, cross threaded some stuff and dented and bent a lot of others!