Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dimitri Coste Vans Flat Track Boots

These crappy photos, taken by me in my dining room, could get the perverted sneaker freaker world fizzed up. Why? They're the first ever pair of Vans to be made not using the waffle sole.
They were produced, as prototypes,  for Dimitri Coste to race in at Dirt Quake. They have Vibram soles (and looked better on and covered in Coventry clay). G
Good action photo: Grant Robinson


RichM said...

Okay i've bitten - how can i get them? how much? do SB subscribers get a discount?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Prototypes only at this stage. G

Stephen Beckett said...

I heard some talk of them being paired asymetrically - just one of the boots carrying a shift pad. Limited run of 250 pairs with the left and 250 with the right. Not much good if you ride both types though - guess you have to find some dude with the same size feet who rides jockey shift to pair up with.