Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mitas Speedway Rear

'Made in Czech Republic - British League - Not For Highway Use - Mitas Speedway Rear SW-07 3.75-19'
These tyres you can find discarded at the perimeter of any UK speedway track. At the hands of a methanol burning pro they will only last one race before they're shredded, two if you flip them. Anything with more stubble on it than a 2.5 x 19 ribbed Avon Speedmaster has got to be good to stop the front end of my XS washing out at Dirt Quake. For the rear I'll stick with the 3.5 x 16 Avon Speedmaster with its Fruit And Nut chocolatebar tread pattern. If I was feeling a decadent cheat I'd go for full bobbly spec MX knobbly on the back. BP

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Full Lock or Death!! #29 said...

Mitas have just brought out a flat track tyre like the DTR-1 as well. Looks really good but haven't found any information on price/where to buy it yet!