Thursday, 10 January 2013

Dirt Quake II

We've already announced this on facebook, but Dirt Quake II is happening, Saturday June 8, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.
Since the last Dirt Quake people have been asking if we are doing it again. We didn't make a bean on the last one, in fact, we spent a lot of money promoting it and putting it on, but that's not a problem, because we enjoyed it. Since we've announced it we've had some questions. I'll answer them here.

Why not Coventry? 
We wanted to return there, but couldn't get a date we wanted. Coventry run greyhound, speedway and stock car meets so their Saturdays get filled up. We thought we had a date, but someone came in and paid a lot more than us so we lost it. Coventry was first choice for its location, but Kings Lynn is a place that suits an event like Dirt Quake brilliantly.
It's also the spiritual home of UK Short Track. It is the only track in the country that has hosted a short track race for every season the series has been running in the UK. The owners are great, the track is great, we're not going to bother anyone with noisy bikes or bands and it's all a bit more compact than Coventry, so it'll suit us better, we hope.
If you live in Coventry it's further to travel, but we have people already committed to come from all over Europe and a contingent from California. The date's set and it's happening...

Why is Dirt Quake one-day, not three-day?
Simple, it's too expensive for an operation of Sideburn's size. Keep supporting the events (or start supporting them) and they'll grow. Don't and they'll wither.

Is there camping?
Fingers crossed, but no promises yet.

Another poster is being drawn by Adi, we've had a bunch of conversations and lots of interest. We'll let people know how to enter the races or buy tickets by the end of February, but the classes are the same as last year. We'll send out details to the mailing list. If you're not on it, send your email to our email dirt at  G


747 said...

You will have a Colorado contestant!!!
My airplane ticket is paid!

Adriaan said...

June is starting to fill up.. :)

Unknown said...

Got a bike, just needs work, i'm in....