Saturday, 5 January 2013


From Michal of Photoduda in Poland...

In the last warm weeks of 2012 I sat in my garage and annoyed the neighbors with an angle grinder. Here's what came out of it. There's still a lot to do, and I got some ideas, definitely gonna make a new seat and maybe swap a tank for an old WSK one. But I think it's ready to show it to the world. 
Plus I wanted to ask you a favor to call out to any Polish viewers of your blog that like to go fast and turn left, so we could get in touch and try to organize some rides or events this coming year. 
Thanks in advance! Happy New Year, 


StillOnWheels said...

To co? latamy na morasku?

Mick P said...

Mój poduszkowiec jest pełen węgorzy!

Nick said...

Must say, like the bike as it is