Thursday, 24 January 2013

Krazy Horse

Per square mile England has more motorcycle history and opportunities than any country on earth (but Italy comes close). We don't have the wilderness of Australia, Africa or the Americas, but forced to exist cheek by jowl means we have dozens of racetracks, speedway tracks, shops, specialists and parts manufacturers in easily drivable distances.
Still, we at Sideburn look at others countries' stylish moto shops - places like Deus Ex Machina; Kiddo; Iron & Air; Officine Mermaid -  and wonder why there's nothing like this in the UK.
Well, now there is - it's in Suffolk and it's Krazy Horse's new HQ.
After years of being housed in a very characterful, but small shop in Bury St Edmunds city centre, the Krazy Horse crew, led by Paul Beamish - above, have moved to a new industrial unit a mile out of town. We visited over the Christmas holiday and it's bloody impressive.
Krazy Horse are importers for Zero choppers, the TUV and EU-approved choppers that look the business but sail through MoTs and have all the kind of papers Germans and Italians demand.
The space is packed with a 20-year history of chopper styles, show-winning bikes Krazy Horse have built.
Display bikes, the Airstream caravan and a massive workshop, with dyno and everything you could dream of, is downstairs. Parts area, clothing department and cafe is upstairs.
Liz, below, runs the clothes side. They stock Belstaff, Deus Ex Machina, Dickies, Levi's Vintage, Roland Sands Designs, Davida, Red Wing boots...
The cafe is run in conjunction with the Ace. It wasn't fully open when we visited but it is now.
 The Shinya Kimura-built Zero Junkyard Phantom is on display.
 They also sell the new S&S X Wedge-powered Morgan three-wheelers.

Krazy Horse also import Storz products.
We're hoping to have a magazine launch party at this place in the coming year.
Good luck Krazy Horse! G


jimmy monk said...

Can't wait to check it.

Xenophya Design said...

Spent a while chatting with the chaps at Goodwood FoS. Top blokes doing great work. Good luck in the new pad.