Thursday, 31 January 2013

Verona 2013 pt.1: Headbanger Saten

It's taken a while to sort the photos from the Motor Bike Expo 2013, Verona. Here's the start. Lots more to follow.

Italian chopper company Headbanger, produced this 'concept'. Headbanger normally make good-looking, fully EU, TUV legal chops and lowriders. This is their first non-V-twin.

It's a Honda 600, with very angular, alloy bodywork. There's a tentative price of €9000 (if there's enough interest to go into production).

Expect to see this bike all over the blogs soon (you (and they) saw it here first).

You can tell Headbanger are Italian. Instead of selling black T-shirts with skulls on them, they have burnt orange cashmere sweaters, with skulls on them. G


rustyli150 said...

Nice - but I'm not a crew neck fan, much prefer a V neck.

Bike...? What bike?

Hot Shoe said...

It might be difficult getting the shale out of that cashmere number after a few laps at Dirt Quake

Dan Yoder said...

That bike is nuts!

Nick said...

Always liked that Red Indian look!

Onj said...

Nice bike !