Thursday, 10 January 2013

Ossa Dick Mann Replicas

From John in Minnesota,

Gary, Greetings to you and your staff [*]. Being old Flat Trackers we've been reading Sideburn from issue #1! My neighbor Jeff Ellison has a subscription and the issues are so coveted we need to leave our credit card number to check them out. 
My brother Bob just returned home from London and a quick stop at your recent release party. Attached, please find a photo of our recently finished OSSA DMR projects. Frame # 29, 42, 125. Thanks again for all the effort and entertainment you provide. 
John "Ham" Metz

*Mick, he must mean you. Ha!

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Hot Shoe said...

Without doubt these are the most beautiful OSSAs since i saw Hakan Carlqvist's 250 motocrosser at the 1974 British 250 Gand Prix