Thursday, 10 January 2013

Ossa Dick Mann Replicas

From John in Minnesota,

Gary, Greetings to you and your staff [*]. Being old Flat Trackers we've been reading Sideburn from issue #1! My neighbor Jeff Ellison has a subscription and the issues are so coveted we need to leave our credit card number to check them out. 
My brother Bob just returned home from London and a quick stop at your recent release party. Attached, please find a photo of our recently finished OSSA DMR projects. Frame # 29, 42, 125. Thanks again for all the effort and entertainment you provide. 
John "Ham" Metz

*Mick, he must mean you. Ha!


Hot Shoe said...

Without doubt these are the most beautiful OSSAs since i saw Hakan Carlqvist's 250 motocrosser at the 1974 British 250 Gand Prix

Unknown said...

This picture brings back memories. I assembled the first 25 DMRs engine modification and we made the front hubs, drilled the spoke holes, cut and threaded the spokes and laced the wheels. We did as much in house as posable. It was a fun time and John Taylor was cool to work with