Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Saturnalia Success

Alec at Old Empire Motorcycles, Suffolk, England, is a do-er. Not only is the 25-year-old running his own ambitious custom bike-building company, he took it upon himself to organise a showcase for himself and fellow do-ers, across a range of different industries, at his own shown.
Called Saturnalia, the show was held in Norwich, last December, and featured artists, bicycle makers, clothes companies, guitar makers, a motorcycle magazine obsessed with flat track and dirt-themed road bikes...
Saturnalia went down well. If you visited, or exhibited, thanks for supporting it.
This film was made by one of the exhibitors O.D.F.U. Clothing. G
ODFU at Saturnalia from ODFU Clothing on Vimeo.http://www.odfu.co.uk/

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WhitelinePsycho said...

The home of the Empire still beats with a steel heart beneath the turgid miasma of 'normal', everyday existence, awesome.