Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Art and Moto, Lisbon

One unexpected side effect of making Sideburn is all the artists I've come in contact with thanks to working with Ben on the magazine. We've used illustrators and artists since issue one to supply drawings for features, hand lettering for headlines and T-shirt and poster designs.

Two Spanish artists we've become friends with are Antonio Merinero and Raulowsky. On 27-28 April they're joining forces for Art and Moto, a joint show at the incredible LXFactory, Lisbon, Portugal.

Also at the show, Davida are showing the Dominik Scherrer's anarchic 1998 motorbike-opera Hell For Leather (nothing to do with the website and made in 1998) as their contribution to 2013 international 'Art and Moto' exhibition. Davida say...

At turns both provocative and hilarious, this visceral and Wagnerian re-imagining of Satan and his acolyte's banishment to hell via a post-apocalyptic London is twisted and compelling for every minute of its modest 30 minute running time. Shot in beautiful monochrome 35mm and featuring an extraordinary looking cast of characters, it runs wild with all manner of genres from motorbike exploitation films to fetishism to, well, opera with adult content, not for the faint-hearted.

Sideburn will be there. G

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