Saturday, 23 March 2013

One Motorcycle Show Books

So, Thor over at See See Motorcycles in Portland organises this great event called The One Motorcycle Show. I went this year and it was great. Every year they shoot the best bikes and now Thor wants to print high quality, heavyweight books of the first two years.

But because book publishing is so expensive, he raising money to produce them through a service called Kickstarter. You have to raise an agreed amount of money, then investors back the rest. But you have to do it in an agreed time and they're in the last SIX days.

There are plenty of different options, from donating $1 to over $5000 and you get something back for all the donations.

If the total isn't raised, you get your money back. I've seen samples of the books, made as one-offs to promote the fund, and they look really good with a massive variety of bikes and people.

Follow this link to find or more and to donate

One Motorcycle Show Kickstarter Fund. G

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Anonymous said...

I dropped in at See See Coffee Motors in Portland recently, it's the kind of place we all wish we had started ourselves or had next door. The bikes are cool and coffee is good, the books promise to be great. Splash some cash and help Thor with his scheme, you'l be helping us all.