Friday, 8 March 2013

Sideburn 13: Pre-order

To help us deal with the rush of orders and get magazines out to you as soon as possible we put new issues up for pre-order. That's what we're doing right now with SB13.
It's a beauty.
Pre-order at the Sideburn Webshop and your magazine will be sent out as soon to the March 22 published date as possible.
If you're a subscriber who has moved in the last four months, you better tell us your new address by emailing dirt at
Thanks for buying Sideburn. G

Greetings. I took this photo on 27, Feb. at the barn, so you can guess my surprise at seeing the cover for Sideburn 13. This is one of the next projects on the table. Subscriber Jeff Ellison has finished his Ossa DMR, now it is time for him to tackle a #44 rep.
Cheers Bob Metz Minnesota


User.One said...

Ooh is it a colour in cover? Can't wait.

Mark Wilson said...

Cover looks rad! Heading over to pre-order now....