Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Killer Diller is Back

Broadcast from a bunker in Wigan, Sir Johnny Alpha's radio show is back!
For the uninitiated, the show is 90-minutes of soul, garage punk, popcorn, spy themes, jungle exotica, blues and wild titty shakers. It is presided over by Sideburn's official DJ, Sir Johnny Alpha, a DJ and record collector of impeccable taste.
Killer Diller has been off the air, because the underground bunker became an underwater bunker due to a catastrophic flood.
The now-monthly Killer Diller is the perfect soundtrack to your working day or sophisticated evening. Listen to it here...

Johnny Alpha's Killer Diller

Photo: Paul Bryant Photography


Mick P said...

Brilliant. Welcome back, Sir Johnny, my Friday has started well.

Javi Moriarti said...