Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mule Triumph Parts

Mule Motorcycles, from San Diego, California, build the tidiest and most well thought out street trackers on the planet. Not one, not a life's work in one bike, but consistently, a mini-production line of jawdroppers, each a little different to the other.

Mule are now producing a number of different parts for owners to fit to their own Hinckley Bonnies.
He has triple clamps, exhaust (see above), oil coolers kits (see above), seats, frame rail eliminators, front sprocket covers...
Check them all out, with specs and prices at Mule Motorcycles.
This is what he Mule told us...

I decided to come out with a "Gruppo" of components for the new Triumphs that I could use on all my builds and that others could take advantage of as well. Further, I didn't like the way the stock cradle/frame rails took up so much room under the motor while not adding any real structural advantage. With the rails in place, I couldn't tuck in an exhaust system tight enough either. So I developed an oil cooler/frame rail/exhaust/sidestand package that kill all these birds with one stone. Mush lighter and better looking while working better than stock. These parts totally transform the look of the original bike and pushes it much closer to way a bike that carries the "Bonneville" moniker should look. 

Then I attacked the wheels, brakes, triple clamps and forks. I designed and had manufactured triple clamps and beautiful, light hubs which are in the process of being fitted to two bikes. The rear hub, brake rotor and sprocket are almost 12lbs lighter than stock!! I've had my own Mule design of stainless bars bent up in 7/8 and one inch and they can be used on the street or track, plus the hubs, brakes and wheels will be easily adaptable to many road, flattrack or streettracker builds. There was a need and now I've scratched my own itch! 
Operators are standing by. 
Love, Mule 

Our man in Pakistan, Adam Wright, shot Mule for Sideburn 3.
We also featured the awesome Streetmaster Triumph that Mule developed in Sideburn 8.
Below is a Mule work in progress, a bike very similar to the one he sold to Matt, the drummer of the Arctic Monkeys. G

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