Monday, 8 July 2013

Baker wins Hagerstown, as Kawasaki Challenge H-D

Brad Baker's been on it all year and it all came together last Saturday at Maryland. The 20-year-old from Washington won the Dash, then rode away from the field to win the Main by nearly 7s. He now leads the combined points standings from Brandon Robinson and Henry Wiles.  
Jake Johnson was one of the title favourites to make up for Jared Mees absence with solid points. He came seventh. The current champion, Mees, is out with a broken arm, sustained at a non-championship round. The Lima rain-out did Mees a favour, meaning he missed one less race.
Mikey Martin (on the Triumph) and Robert Pearson. Martin missed out on the Main, Pearson came 12th.
 Robert Pearson, XR750.
Briar Bauman on the Werner Springsteen Kawasaki. There were eight Kawasakis and 10 XR750s in the 18-man main. Not other manufacture figured.
Johnny Lewis on the Latus Triumph, looked super-cool, but didn't make the main, showing how competitive this class is.
Baker and Sammy Halbert. After dominating the non-championship Barbara Fritchie, Frederick, Maryland meeting Halbert looked favourite for Hagerstown, but Baker was unbeatable.
This shot reminds me of the old movie, Slapshot. Team mates Brandon Robinson and JD Beach. Both made the main on their Burnett Kawasakis, but while JD came in an impressive 6th, Brandon struggled and was 17th.
In second, making his first elite Twins main was Jake Shoemaker on a Kawasaki 650, in front of Bryan Smith on the Crossley Kawasaki. 

The next GNC race is the half-mile at Gray's Harbor, Washington, July 20.

Photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing. 


WhitelinePsycho said...

A pair of 'dork' specs and he'd be a dead ringer, but I doubt if the triplets could ride like him.

Hairy Larry said...

Some exciting racing. Heading to the Sac Mile soon enough, can't wait to see the action here. Sammy's been posting some on-bike videos that gives you an appreciation for the skills needed to hang it out the way they do.