Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wheels And Waves Ride-Out

Even more bikes than last year (which was happy chaos) so we we hung right back to the last group and had a mellow ride into the Spanish Pyrénées
 Celine of Blitz on a Kawasaki W650
Bixente on my fave BSA Road Rocket - sporting Norfolk mud from its Dirt Quake II racing
 David El Solitario in his signature overalls
GI, Thor (pronounced "T----o-r" if one is to be Norwegian correct), David El Solitario
 Yes love, I am infatuated
 Best Dressed Chicken In Town
Julien stepped up from the pocket-sized monkey he was racing at Dirt Quake II to this Hog
The El Solitario Baula in its element
Christophe also just back from Dirt Quake II on his SB#12 cover Triumph
Tapas o'clock
dump o'clock in the town square
Ruby Jean-Etienne, never out of a floppy hat Thor
me on the just finished El Solitario Ducati which is off to its new home in Corsica. Many Thanks to Vincent Prat and the SouthSiders crew for another great weekend.


rustyli150 said...

Just "wow"

bikegrim said...

Wicked. Next year definitely

Vincent Prat said...

Hill Race or Hill climbing next year ? what do you prefer?

Vincent Prat said...

Thanks for coming Ben&Gary