Monday, 15 July 2013

Oily For A Day

In the middle of Bristol on sat 17th of Aug. I will be organising an exhibition of cool shit. 'OILY FOR A DAY' is an exhibition that runs in conjunction with the annual free Bristol Bike Show in the St Nicholas Market back-streets. There are a handful of very skilled artists that will be all gathered together in an old courtroom. Entrance is free but pleese feel free to throw some coins in a bucket for the Prince's Trust. Outside in the street there will be bands and hundreds of shiny bikes. Inside the only shiny paint will be on canvas.
Adi Gilbert will be exhibiting his work.

Tom Whiting will be there with his gritty photos of battles on the race track.
Ben Cheshire of Mesh - creator of mindbendingly cool screen prints will be there.
Ben Part- racer of Orange XS650 speedway chopper and Co-Founder of Sideburn will be there with very nice photos, SB merch' , his chop, and friendly up for most things attitude. [this photo Sam Christmas]
There will also be Cooper a local sign writer painting things infront of your very own eyeballs.
And of course I will be there, creator of the wierdest Triumph (with a blown head gasket)
and rider of a totally inappropriate Ducati race bike.
There is a dedicated Facebook page please share it on your blogs as well.
Make sure you are free on that day. Come and support a group of people that are getting of there arses and doing something just because it can be done.
Cheers Oily Rag Rob

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