Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Race on the cheap with the DTRA

The DTRA make is as easy as possible for novices to try their hand at flat track, one of the cheapest form of bike racing in Britain.

You can enter one race as a guest without joining any clubs. You buy a day licence for £10. Race entry is £45 or £35 in Youth classes. That's it.

There is a novice class (below) and an adult mini bike class for pit bikes, Stomp, Monkey bikes and the like (shown above). There are three Youth classes.

The bike regs aren't as free and easy as Dirt Quake, but they're not super-exclusive. People have raced Ducati Monsters, CCMs, DRZs, Sportsters...
  • You need to wire in a lanyard killswitch to tie around your wrist.
  • You must remove the front brake or at least the front brake lever. All the other front brake gubbins can stay on the bike. You must have a working rear brake.
  • If you have mag wheels, the big gaps need covering with plastic or something similar (to stop the vague chance of an appendage going through the gap).
  • Remove or tape up lights and reg plate.
  • As a guest rider, you can race on any kind of tyres, but full MX knobblies aren't very welcome.
  • You must wear protective gear (leathers or MX suit and armour) and an approved lid.
Simples! The next race is at Buxton on August 18 with a practice day lined up for the day before.
Contact the DTRA for info. G

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