Wednesday, 10 July 2013

CCR Cycles Triumph T140

Paul 'Harry' Harrison, in a regular in the British DTRA races. He builds neat street trackers too.

Thought you might like to see a T140 I have just finished remodeling for a friend of ours. Some work was done but we changed a lot of it to how the guy really wanted it. The whole back end is new, JMC swingarm, and the whole rear brake assembly including a Grimeca caliper, torque arm, MX footrests, Kxf450 master cylinder and so on. We rebuilt the engine and ignition, and modified the Mikuni to suit. 

This was all done under my new company CCR Cycles. ( Custom Classic and Race) Leicester.

The website is still being built but this email address would be good And my number 07885 458837, many thanks for your help. Paul. 


Paul Baleta said...

Man, that is sweet!
Nice work Dood!

Harley said...

Next time you're thinking of flat tracking a Hinckley Bonneville, take a look at those photos and ask yourself: "Doesn't that engine just look so much better than the modern unit?"
And it's got an electric start so none of those "I've hurt my ankle/ knee/hip little finger" excuses will work either.

Diplomate said...

Race it

Nick said...

One of the nicest T140 flat trackers, I've seen in a long time, very prety

txcomt said... how those cylinders peek out from around the down tubes as if to say, 'Hey, we're the stars here, not that bloke sitting on top of us!"