Thursday, 4 July 2013

DTRA Round 5, Buxton

It's time for the next instalment in the Sideburn-commissioned posters for the UK Dirt Track Riders Association 2013 season.
The race is at High Edge Raceway, just outside Buxton. It's a beautiful ride out there and the track is in a pretty unique setting.
If you want to get involved you can race on a day licence for less than £60 for a day's racing in the novice or minibike/pit bike class.
Bike's need a front sprocket cover, no front brake (or at least no front brake lever, you can leave the disc and caliper on), mag wheels need big gaps covering up. To ride on an X plate, as a one-off 'guest' rider, you can race on any tyres, though some are more sensible than others.
Get in touch with the DTRA directly for more details.
If you want to be close to the action, but not race, the series always looking for marshals to help out on the day.

The world famous Stevie Gee (as loved by Deus Ex Machina, Paul Smith, Band of Horses and Lacoste among a thousand others) rustled up this one. As we have with all the artists, we asked him a few quick questions...


Where do you live? 
North London.

What bike do you own? 
I currently dawdle around on my 70s Yamaha RS 125 but I'm in the process of an exciting build project with SIDEBURN which is you, I'm hoping to reveal it to the world in November with an epic motorbike, magazine and art fest. I'll be there signing bums and boobs.

What's your dream bike?
The one we are building right now I hope! I've always liked the Steve McQueen 70s Husqvarna 400, looks like so much fun.

Who is your favourite racer/motorcycle hero? 
I always thought my Dad was pretty cool when he picked me up from school on his motorbike. I think Dimitri Coste has great style, he's crazy fast. Not sure if he's my hero but I do have his face tattooed on my thigh.

If you were going to start racing flat track, what bike would you choose?
A really fast one I guess. I'd get Co-Built to build me one as theirs look and sound amazing. Also… when I stabbed my hand at Rollerburn, Anthony saved my tendons from being forever severed! Thanks man.

What was the inspiration for your DTRA poster?
I was inspired by my favourite bit of SIDEBURN, TROPHY QUEEN at the back. I love how all these legends have great stories of how they never got paid or how they hooked up (or didn't) with the girl in the photo. I wanted to capture that kind of thought… and avoid a poster of someone racing a bike. That's rad too but I wanted to go for something different, more about the person. Whatever. Nevermind.

Finish this sentence. Racing is life, but…
I'll probably finish last.

Stevie Gee is taking part in a group show coming up in New York next week. At the Joshua Liner Gallery.

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