Friday, 12 July 2013

Sang-Froid Goldrush Ride in Eastern Oregon

An update from the mighty Sang-Froid Riding Club of Portland, Oregon. I had the pleasure of riding (and sinking a few) with these fellas back in February. It was the best Sunday's ride I've ever had, I think.

We missed you guys last weekend on our Goldrush ride to the twisty and car-less (not to mention cop-less) roads of Eastern Oregon. With the hope of tempting you to join next year.

That fine-looking TT [with twin lights, above) belongs to club member Travis Gardner. Would you believe we once used it to power a makeshift ski lift?  
Best, Courtney
Sang-Froid Riding Club


Anthony Brown said...

They know how to party

Dan said...

Loving that TT500

Patrick said...

Here's the TT in (one of) its previous lives: