Monday, 21 March 2016

Alley Club Mod Radio

Is there anything more British than a mod taking his tidy Lambretta for a romantic punt down the River Cam?

This is DJ Revnix, Sideburn reader and Dirt Quake flag marshal on a leisurely day out. He and his mates from the Alley Mod Club have made a radio show of their favourite music to help you through your day at work (if you're lucky, like me and can listen to what you want and you have similar taste in music, which isn't a given).

Blues, ska, mod revival, two-tone, northern soul and even David Bowie (when he was lead singer of mod band, The Lower Third (by the way, is that the worst name for a band ever?))...

Listen to it at Cambridge 105 Alley Club Mods. G


Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Speaking of band names, Shithouse Bandits? College band with no skills or success but the name was killer. Right?

Surly said...

Thanks for this. I listened and there's not much like it on this side of the pond. I dig it.

DJ Ben Phillips said...

Thanks for your comments. Drop us an email on & I'll add you to the Alleyclub radio mailing list.

We are back on air this Sunday 8-9pm!.