Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Dirt One by Plan B

Plan B of Italy built some great bikes and I met Christian out at Verona in January. He sent this email ages ago and it got buried and missed. I know Christian has sold this bike now. Sorry for missing this email Christian!

I'm Christian from Italy and there is no need to say I love your work with the coolest and craziest sideways magazine around, so I'll go straight to the point. I build motorcycles here in Italy under the name of Plan B Motorcycles. Mostly cafè racers, but I'd like to present you my latest build, it's called "The Dirt-One" and it's based on a 1990 Aprila Pegaso 600. It's a so called "street tracker" or, in other words, a "daily rider" street bike in a tracker suit, with lights, indicators, number plate etc., but I think it turned out pretty clean and apart from the fu**ing useless 4 litre fuel tank. Really, really fun to ride :-D 
A lot of parts are hand made from aluminium sheets, it was lowered and a big amount of time was spent modifying the bike's geometry. I've attached a couple of pics. 

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