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Dirt Quake V Racer Info and General FAQs

Dirt Quake tickets are on sale and the announcement has led to people asking about how to enter the race. Here are the details, but first please note that entries open on April 1. First come, first served. No entries will be considered before that date. Here's the info.

Dirt Quake would not be nearly as good without these great sponsors.

Mutt Motorcycles
W and W Cycles
Guy Martin Proper
Krazy Horse
Bike Shed Motorcycle Club

UPDATE: Dirt Quake race classes are completely sold out. Spectator tickets are still on sale. 
  • Street Tracker / Street scrambler sponsored by Motone
  • Inappropriate Road Bike
  • Lady (any bike) sponsored by Davida Helmets
  • Chopper
  • W and W Harley-Davidson Class (for any road legal Harley, but if you're a chopper we want you in the chopper class)
  • On or after April 1, tell us which class you wish to enter and send a photo of your bike. EMAIL entries to dirt @
  • If your email address is not your full name, put your real name in the email, it saves confusion later.
  • Everyone must pre-enter their bike. Email us with a photo. You need to send a photo of the bike you're going to race, even if it isn't finished yet. 
  • You cannot enter on the day.
  • 18-year-olds and over only. 
  • All bikes must have their front sprockets covered and if they have mag wheels, any gaps big enough for an arm to go in must be covered.
  • This is not a race for scrapyard bikes or a moped mayhem.
  • Your bike does not need to be MoT'd and insured, but it must look road legal.
  • No competition bikes or bikes that could enter the DTRA. If you want to race in the Rookie, Vintage or Hooligan class on Friday we can help make it happen.
  • You cannot enter and then have someone else race your bike BUT you don't have to enter on a bike you personally own. 
  • Bikes cannot be shared between two people in the same class.
  • Entries are £45.
  • Riders get one practice, two heat races and, if the results are good enough, a final.
  • After you and your bike are approved we will send you a link to pay and to fill in your entry form.
  • This is a proper race, run with a proper racing club on an internationally recognised track, so you will need to buy an MCF day licence on the morning of the race. Price is £15.
Dirt Quake General FAQ

Where does Dirt Quake IV take place? 
Adrian Flux Arena (formerly Norfolk Arena), King’s Lynn, PE34 3AG

When is Dirt Quake? 
Fun things are happening from 6pm on Friday 15 July, till midnight on Saturday 16 July, but the Dirt Quake Main Event is Saturday 3-7pm with more entertainment after. Full schedule to follow.

How much is spectator entry?
£15 for Saturday (concessions £13; 11-15 yr olds; £5, under-11s are free with an adult). Friday night £5 (under-11s are free with an adult)
Anyone buying an adult Saturday ticket is entered into a draw to win a custom Mutt Motorcycle worth over £4500. Turnstiles are open to pay on the day, but won't be entered into the draw.
Racers do not need a ticket for Saturday. Any family, friends or crew require tickets.
Ticketing is handled by the Adrian Flux Arena directly.

Is there camping? 
Yes, but it is run by a different organization. The campsite is a 100m walk from the track. No fires. No motorcycle riding on site. Contact to book your pitch and find out about rates.
Tents, vans, motorhomes all welcome.

Are children and animals welcome into the track? 
Yes, kids are more than welcome with a responsible adult. Animals must be kept on a lead.

Will there be food and drink? 
All onsite catering is taken care of by the track owners. We cannot arrange for any outside caterers. There is a full bar.

Can we bring beer into the track? 
Beer is allowed on the campsite, no outside beer inside track area and strictly no glass bottles. There is a full bar at the track.

What is access like for wheelchair users?
Access into the stadium is easy and there is a spectating area for wheelchair users within one of the grandstands. Unfortunately, access to the Wall of Death is not possible for wheelchair users.

How much does it cost to go into the Ken Fox Wall of Death? 
It’s free, thanks to Guy Martin’s Proper brand who have arranged for it to attend. There will be sessions on Friday night, Saturday day and Saturday night for people to watch this world famous show.

Can I go in the pits? 
Only racers and one mechanic, with a wristband, per racer are allowed in the pits. We have so many racers in a small area that this rule has been made to keep the event running smoothly and as safely as possible.

Is there going to be kid’s bicycle race? 
Yes, and it’s free to enter. Bring your own bike and helmet, gloves too if you’ve got them. 12s and under. One lap, for fun only. Schedule to follow.

What other entertainment is there? 
After the DTRA racing on Friday night there is chance to go see the Ken Fox Wall of Death and listen to a live band. We’ll have some daft games and DJs too.
On Saturday we have lots of non-racing fun on track, more Wall of Death, V plus live music during the day and at night. There will also be a mini-custom show and dealer booths from some Sideburn and related companies.

Will you be selling Dirt Quake merchandise? 
Yes, T-shirts and other Sideburn merch.

Is there a cashpoint at the arena? 

Can I get a photography pass? 
Only with a commissioning letter from the editor of a magazine or newspaper. Photographers must show proof of public liability insurance if they want to enter non-public areas. There are plenty of opportunities to take memorable photos from the public areas, though.

What happens if it rains? 
The racers get muddy, but the event still goes ahead. There are covered grandstands at both sides of the track.

I’ve never raced before, is that a problem? 
Absolutely not. Dirt Quake was invented for novices. Just keep reading.

Can I enter on the day of the race? 

Do I need a race licence? 
Yes, but you can buy an MCF day licence for £15 on the morning of the race.

I've paid to enter the race, do I need a ticket too? 
No, your name will be on the gate.

Can I enter the DTRA races? 
Yes, if you have a suitable bike. There are classes for Rookies on Saturday morning and Vintage bikes and Hooligans on Friday evening. Email

When do I check in? 
Saturday morning at the sign-up station from 10.15-11.30am. Sign-on closes at 11.30.

What do I need to race? 
Helmet (see regs below), eye protection (visor or goggles), gloves, trousers, long-sleeve top, over the ankle boots. We highly recommend the best safety gear you can get your hands on: leathers, armour, back protector, full-face helmet… Motorcycle racing can be dangerous.
If you don't have the right kit, we must stop you from entering the track.

Helmet regs 
We run Dirt Quake with the help of the MCF, a race organization to ensure everything is as safe as possible. They tell us helmets must comply with one of the following:
 British Standards Institution BS 6658-A;
 British Standards Institution BS 6658-B
; UN ECE Regulation 22 ECE 22-05;
 Snell Memorial Foundation; Snell M2005 or M2010 (individual approval only) M2005

Can I fit a crown of pike nuts to my helmet for the race? 
The MCF are adamant that any modification to a helmet structure immediately invalidates approval. Any helmet
 modified by the cutting, drilling or puncturing of the shell in any way subsequent to its leaving the
 manufacturer, will be rejected at inspection. 

I have a waist length ponytail, is that a problem? 
Competitors with long hair must have it contained within the helmet or clothing.

What about GoPros and similar cameras?
Fine to fit them to bikes, but the MCF and DTRA ban them from chest harnesses and helmets.

 Is there a bike safety inspection? 
Yes. We need to make sure you are not going to injure someone else with your bike. We are checking that:

  • Mag wheels with big gaps in them are covered up. This is to stop limbs going through them. Cut plastic or fibre board and zip tie in place. 
  • Levers must have a ball end or be taped 
  • Footrests must fold or be taped 
  • Chain must be covered at the point it joins the front sprocket 
  • Glass lights must be taped. 
  • Bikes should be in a general safe condition (pay attention to wheel bearings, loose parts, sharp things) 
When is practice? Schedule to follow.

How do I practice? 
Every rider gets one session of practice,  of four laps. The car park and campsite are not for practicing. Save it for the track.

What is the race format? 
One practice session, two heat races and a final. Everyone gets a final (if their bike is still in one piece). All sessions are four laps in length.

Environmental issues 
No smoking in the pits
Please be respectful of the stadium and pick up your litter
Practice takes place on the track and not in the car park
There will be a dedicated petrol fuelling area for 2016. No fuel canisters or fuelling in the pits.

Email us at dirt @ if you have more questions.

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