Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Sideburn 24 Has Landed

At last, the biggest ever issue of Sideburn is here. A monstrous 116 pages, up from 100 pages (well, the first issue were 80). Makes sure your Yorkshire Terrier isn't asleep on the front door mat when this comes through the letterbox.

Buy yours at for the same £6 plus post
We have the regular black issue and a smaller run of 'white' though it's not really white. The covers were designed by Toria Jaymes of Stay Outside Studio. Both are identical inside, we just like making alternative covers, because we can't choose which we prefer. And because we can.
We also have high quality Giclee prints of the cover design on black or white heavyweight archival print. See the Clear Your Head prints and all other prints we have in stock in the Art Prints section of the new look Sideburn webshop.
What's inside the super, £6, 116-page Sideburn 24...

BIKES: Minotaur '55 Triumph 650, See See Harley XG750, Honda RS750D and more...
EVENTS: Snow Quake, Las Vegas Superhooligan, Hell on Wheels hillclimb
HOW TO: Get ahead in short track racing with Briar Bauman
PEOPLE: Mike Kidd, Dickie Brown, Stone, Guy Martin, Toria Jaymes
PORTFOLIO: Rafaelle Paolucci
ADVENTURE: British Columbia with Filthmode
What's that? You don't know where to get the goodness? 


David said...

Congratulations. Looking forward to reading it. Always looking for good motorcycle literature :)

Anonymous said...

What's happened to Ben Part?