Monday, 28 March 2016

Guy Martin's Wall of Death

Don't forget to watch Guy Martin's Wall of Death tonight, 7.15, Channel 4. There are lots of Sideburn intersections in the Venn diagram of this attempt.

1. Guy is a long-time supporter of Sideburn and has agreed to write a regular column for each issue starting with Sideburn 24.
He also wrote about racing at Dirt Quake for Sideburn 23.

2. He will ride more than one bike on the wall (if all goes to plan). He has been practicing on, and will ride, an Indian Scout, that's been seriously modified by our mates at Krazy Horse. Guy has raced the Krazy Horse Sportster at the previous two Dirt Quakes and first met Paul from Krazy Horse at Rollerburn, our 2011 event.

3. Guy's mentor through the event has been Ken Fox, and one of the Fox family's Wall of Death is returning to this year's Dirt Quake. Get your Dirt Quake tickets now.

Good luck Guy! G


Surly said...

Any idea if this will be available to view in the States? Love Guy, always loved WOD. Used to rent "Eat the Peach" when I was a kid and watch with my buddies.

Mick P said...

You'll be able to see it live outside the UK by using this site:
To get rid of the chat on the screen, just click 'chat' at the bottom of the window.

Surly said...

Sadly, it redirects and the chat won't go away. Thanks for the effort however!

Mick P said...

Strange. Redirects where to? Maybe you should try an ad blocker, and/or a different browser.

-BaRoN- said...

So how did he do ??!

Harley said...

The boy did good! Only Guy would consider building a bike for a Wall of Death speed attempt based around a Rob North framed BSA triple, and make it work!
Oh, and black out under G forces and carry on regardless.
I can't help wondering how he would have done if the TV guys hadn't stopped him going out (up?) again.
The show was a bit thin on Sideburn products though......