Thursday, 10 March 2016

Daytona Short Track!

Praise the lowered!
The AMA season is back, TONIGHT!
The first night of two at Daytona. Watch it live on

Is Davis Fisher going to make the main in his first GNC1 race?
Is Davis Fisher going to make the podium in his first GNC1 race?
Is Bryan Smith going to make the top seven and give himself more of a chance to win the title?
Mees and Baker have been winning short track races all over the world all winter, who'd bet against them?
Is anyone going to come out a year early in leathers instead of MX kit? I know the answer to that one...
Briar Bauman gives our readers short track tips in Sideburn 24 (out soon). He won the final round of 2015, the short track at Vegas, and he's a bad ass and a big unit, could he muscle his way through?
And our buddy Johnny Lewis has won Daytona before, he's fitte than ever, but does he have the machinery to back it up?

We'll find out soon. Go to fanschoice for schedules.

Photo: AMA Pro Racing

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The SuperHooligans !!