Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Union Magazine #2 In stock

We stock a few harder to find independent magazines and fanzines from time to time. My old friend, and top photographer, James Cheadle is one of the co-founders of Union (not to be confused with the Japanese mag of the same name).

Union is a big, thick slab of features from the far reaches of humanity. The stories are written first person, James and writer Martin Pashley put themselves in the middle of stories, visiting dirt poor white squatter camps in South Africa and Bolivian tribal fighting festivals and the voodoo-like Santeria religion. Plus there's a report from the Salton Sea, Northern Soul clubs and Black Bike Week.

It's hard to sum up the magazine, because the subjects are so diverse, but it's fascinating.
You can get your copy, from £8 plus post, from the new look Sideburn webshop. Click on Magazine, from the drop down All Products menu. G

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