Wednesday, 6 July 2016


We have been big fans of Spanish company Bottpower since we first saw their computer modelled concept in 2011 and we were the first magazine in the world to featured their first production bike, back in Sideburn 13, 2013. Now they've developed their niche furhter with this titanium framed, XR1R. Bottpower are MotoGP level engineers, working in Moto2, World Endurance and top Superbike series'. This Found David Sanchez says about their new flagship.

The BOTT XR1R is a special version of our BOTT XR1. The XR1 is a street bike, while the XR1R is a bike that we are developing to use only on the track.

We see it as a big supermoto bike, which feels at home on twisty tracks. This XR1R unit is a Bottpower laboratory bike, that we are using to test and develop new solutions for our bikes and customers.

We have a very good customer who ordered us a BOTT XC1 cafe racer with titanium frame and racing electronics and one of the targets of the XR1R is to develop those components, so the BOTT XR1R has a titanium frame and also an EFI Euro4 ECU which allows to use adjustable traction control, launch control and 3 different engine maps.

I have been working for 10 years as data engineer in different championships and categories, so for us to add a data acquisition system was a mandatory step to make a good development work. With this bike we will measure things that we do not measure normally, like the stress in different points of the frame using extensometry gauges.

We have a testing program for this year with several tests on different tracks. We will also organize a test in which some journalists and some of our best customers will test the bike.

And as culmination of this project, we are working to race with the BOTT XR1R in next year Pikes Peak race. In principle we won’t be able to use the titanium frame because it is not allowed by the technical rules, so we will need to look for another solution (probably an evolution of our XR1 steel frame). Our target with this bike in race configuration is to achieve a power to weight ratio better than 1:1. This is, more than 150 HP and less than 150 kgs.

Bottpower is a very small company with very limited resources, so in this case the first challenge for Pikes Peak will be to find the necessary sponsors and supporters to complete the budget. We plan to explain the whole process in a very detailed way on our blog, so we invite everybody to follow us in this great adventure!

BOTT XR1R Technical specifications

Air/oil cooled 1203cc Buell Thunderstorm V-Twin, 1203 cm3.
Fuel system: 49 mm downdraft DDFI II fuel injection
Gearbox: 5-speed
Clutch: Wet, multi-plate, compensated
Final Drive: Belt
Electronics: EFI Euro4

Titanium central Spine Bottpower frame, with vibration isolation system
Front Suspension: Showa inverted fork from a Buell 1125
Rear Suspension: Öhlins shock absorber
Front Brake: 8 pistons ZTL2 type brake, 375 mm stainless steel floating rotor
Rear Brake: 240 mm stainless steel rotor, single piston floating caliper
Tyres: Slicks, Front 120/70xZR17 and Rear 190/55xZR17
The bike has a top fuel tank and 2 secondary fuel tanks.
Original Buell fuel pump located in the left secondary fuel tank.

Wheelbase: 52in / 1321 mm
Seat Height: 30.1 in / 765 mm
Ground Clearance: 4.3 in / 109 mm
Weight: Not declared yet.
Fuel Capacity: 13 liters.


747 said...

Perhaps a Pikes Peak Pilot is needed...

Unknown said...

Is it possible to buy one of these? I would like to ride it on the track!!

Unknown said...

Is it possible to buy one of these? I would like to ride it on the track!!