Monday, 25 July 2016

Indian FTR750

Cycle World have published a very exhaustive two-piece online feature on the development of Indian's new dirt track race bike, the FTR750.

We told you Indian were coming to dirt track with a factory team in a story in Sideburn 24, in which we interviewed Indian President, Steve Menetto. Jared Mees has been signed to test ride the bike, with speculation that he is already testing a prototype. He's racing a private Harley this year, but isn't contracted to the factory so he's free to test other bikes and work for other manufacturers. No doubt if he is impressed he'll be one of a two-man factory team next year.

CW say the FTR750 is making 109bhp. The don't say if that is measured at the rear wheel or crank. If it is rear wheel it's way up on the what the best Harleys are producing, which is closer to mid-90s, but power isn't everything. The Lloyd Brothers actually detuned their Ducati for a better power delivery and less top-end power.

The chassis, above, looks like something from 1968, but the engine is a thoroughly modern, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled V-twin.

Anyway, go read the tech heavy piece at

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Capion mc said...

That frame slightly raked for the road with an Indian mill in it would be something desirable depending on the price. Certainly more attractive than the current pressed steel model.