Monday, 11 July 2016

Dirt Quake USA: Iron And Resin Report

Our old mates at Iron and Resin had a friend in the Dirt Quake USA race. Erik Askin drove up from San Francisco (690 miles, 11 hours) to race. He returned home and wrote a piece that sums up the kind of spirit we have always tried to encourage at Dirt Quake. That's him above, racing Jackass star Danger Ehren. This is one passage of Erik's report...

One of the highlights of the weekend was sitting on the starting line for the 'street tracker' main. The sun setting in the late June sky, the stands packed with people, a Harley Sportster to my right, a crazy CB750 to my left, the track illuminated with glowing dust, and an announcer dressed as a clown. Just before the from-a-movie flag girl dropped the green, fireworks exploded above and I had the largest smile on my face. If you love motorcycles, this is an event you can't miss​.

Read the full story at the Iron and Resin blog.
Don't forget (and we're not going to let you), Dirt Quake V is this weekend. G
One of the killer IRBs from Dirt Quake USA. Photos: Eric Fields

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