Sunday, 31 July 2016

Ohio State University Marching Band

Seriously off-topic Sunday... More motorbikes coming soon.

I've always wondered why American football has such a following with our Trans-Atlantic cousins, but nowhere else. Now I have the answer - the spectators are all hoping a marching band with one-tenth the skill and imagination of the OSU's brigade will be there to create some pre-match magic.

If you can watch this without whispering an oath and finally conceding that, Yes, there must be a God (of whichever domination you are currently leaning towards), because this level of beauty cannot just occur through random cosmic coincidences. This must be the work of a higher power.

From this unblinking eye in the sky camera angle (God's own GoPro?) the OSU MB (as I've taken to calling them) look like how I imagined a flea's circus would look, when I first heard the phrase as a small boy.

Pay special attention to the guy/girl? (it is a guy, I found out later) in the redcoat, who begins in the centre circle. He is the Drum Major and moves in the most cartoonish manner, knowing he needs to put a show on, not just for the VIPs, but also the family from Knockemstiff, Ohio who have tickets for row ZZ, seats 8736 through to 8741 inclusive, and are closer to the rings of Saturn than they are the centre of the pitch.

If, like me, you are mesmerised by the Drum Major you won't rest until you've found out more. Fortunately I've wasted spent time wisely, done some digging and there is a short clip showcasing the talents and focus gone into the OSU MB's various drum major's showmanship. Watch the clip below, paying special attention at 2:29 when he throws his baton two metres to the left and it bounces back to his hand. like magic! I was dumbfounded.

I'm unfamiliar with either American universities or US field sports, so it strikes me as remarkably peculiar to see such a mixture of extremely camp dress and behaviour mixed with chest-beating machismo and military levels of discipline and uniformity. It's like the lid of a 1970s Quality Street tin was sent to join the South Korean military.
Also watch the physics defying back back dip. Enjoy! G


capnsimo said...

I'm moving to Ohio

Mick P said...

Stunning, on so many levels. Can you imagine his home when he was a kid? Every vase and decorative plate glued together. Windows covered with protective mesh like something off a sink estate. Family car covered in dings. Sisters, brothers, parents, the dog... all missing front teeth.

Sideburn Magazine said...

I'm watching it again (naturally). I'm now worried about the 'Michael Jackson' splits/nazi salute at 6:29. This really is the YouTube sensation that keeps giving. G

KrookStreetRacing said...

Yup, that is weird in so many ways.

But, honestly, you should give American football a chance. It is super interesting once you get the hang of the rules and some of the tactical aspects.

Pat Riot said...

In Central Ohio, it's referred to as TBDBITL = The Best Damn Band In The Land.

It probably lacks a bit of the community hippie vibe of a DirtQuake, but an OSU Football game is always on hell of a party.