Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Dirt Quake V: Schedule

We've had word from the Adrian Flux Arena, King's Lynn that Dirt Quake V has pre-sold more tickets than any event in the stadium's history. It's hardly surprising when you see the line up and realise there's a chance to win a custom Mutt Motorcycle!

You still have chance to buy a £15 advance ticket.

12:00 Campsite opens
17.00 Turnstiles open
18.00 DTRA racing starts. Classes for the evening are: Pro, Thunderbike, Vintage, Hooligan, Restricted
22.15 DTRA racing ends
22.30 Live band TV CRIME, Wall of Death and DJs
00:00 Bar closes

10.00-11.45 Dirt Quake riders sign-on (racers will receive final instructions this weekend)
12.45 Rider’s meeting
13.00 Turnstiles open Dirt Quake practice
15.00 Dirt Quake main event opening ceremony
+ Dream Themes
+ Kids bicycle race
+ Wall of Death shows
+ More
18:15 Mutt Motorcycle Winner announced
18.30 Dirt Quake finals
19.15 Awards presentation
20.00 Wall of Death shows, DJ’s
22.00 Live Band The Fuzillis
00.00 Bar closes

Hang around for stock car racing at the arena.
Tickets available separately
15:00 Campsite closes

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