Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Mighty Hannibal

I know, I know, it can be so tricky deciding what to wear for the Dirt Quake Ball. Should you rely on the trusty dark denim and American work boots to fit in with the tough lads? Or try to be a little more outré with an alpaca poncho and hand-me-down cheesecloth chemise from your uncle's expedition to Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush, just before the Russians invaded in 1979? Perhaps this is the time to debut the knock-off Ornamental Conifer-style leather jacket with something inspirational painted in One Shot script on the on the back, like, oh I don't know, 'Two Wheels Move The Soul'?

Or what about embracing the moto carnival spirit with something more extravagant? Like the Mighty Hannibal here. The arresting visual cocktail of turban, extreme batwing blouse, capri pants avec kick flare and metallic patent, Cuban heel Chelsea boots are so King's Lynn.

Really, no one gives a monkey's what you wear, just be there. Dirt Quake V is going to be great.

Please note, the jerkin' of dogs is strictly prohibited and if we suspect you of doing it, we'll call the RSPCA.

Thanks to DJ Katy B for sending this link. Hear and see her play a whole trunk of funk on Friday night. G


AB said...

Oh yes.
Turban on point.
Minimal moves also (just enough to make those tiny bell bottoms ding-a-ling)


Kirk said...

I am fully willing to rock the turban for any and all Sideburn events. How good are those backing dancers though....