Wednesday, 13 July 2016

DTRA Livestream: This Friday

The DTRA have invested heavily in organising free livestream coverage of this week's Friday night races, at Dirt Quake. Don't know what that means? It means you can watch the races anywhere in the world on your computer or tablet screen.

The DTRA are a not for profit club, who want to showcase their riders, sponsors and sport. I'm confident they'll put on a slick show. The racing comes thick and fast in the DTRA. There isn't going to be a lot of dead time. There are nearly 30 heats and 5 mains.

There are a bunch of different classes, they are explained below, for the casual observer.

Racing from Friday 5.30pm BST (British Summer Time) that is:

6.30pm Central European Time
12.30pm Eastern Time
10:30pm Indian Standard Time
09.30am Pacific Time
01.30am Saturday Tokyo Time
02.30am Saturday Sydney Time

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These are the classes racing at the Maxxis DTRA Round 4 on Friday.

Pro - The expert class. None of these guys are paid racers, but some have competed against the best at Superprestigios and in the AMA. Virtually all riders are on 450 DTX bikes.

Restricted - One step down from the pros. Riders use a mix of 450 DTX and Thunderbikes.

Thunderbikes - Air-cooled bikes up to 650cc in steel, specialist dirt track frames and modified road bikes.

Vintage - Classic Trackmaster Triumphs, Bultaco Astros, Harley 45s and wide variety modified road bikes, all in one class.

Hooligan presented by Harley-Davidson - Road bikes with engines over 750cc and stock frame.

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Anonymous said...

How good was that - I won't make DQ, due mostly to my own inept organisation ... but the kids are in bed, I had a couple of beers and got to watch the racing. Great stuff!

Russ #104