Sunday, 30 August 2009

Coolbeth wins Indy Mile

Would a 9second lead be considered a ride-away? I reckon so.
These shots are from the previous Mile at Beulah Park.

At Beulah Mile Kopp (3) prepares for the race of his life.

Wild start to the Pro Singles race. I'm pretty sure this is the final. 24P is Jeffrey Carver. he came fourth. The winner was 10J, Stephen Vanderkuur.

Jacob Johnson.

Smith and Kopp. Smith came second at Beulah and Indy. He's got to be a favourite for the title.

Aaron King made the main on the Aprilia at Beulah and was the only non-XR to make the main at Indy. Good going.

Kopp taking the flags at Beulah. By a mile, remember. He lapped everyone up to 8th. That'll go down in history.

Kopp's victorious XR. Indy shots soon.


tiptopdadddy said...

WERE YOU THERE??? Damn, missed you bro. I was parked in turn 4 next to the Ardcore truck. I posted a few pics on my blog. Woulda been cool to meet you.

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Hey TipTop. Nope we weren't there. Some of our contributors were though. We're in England trying to get SB4 finished. Glad you had a good time though. G

tiptopdadddy said...

Saw some Brits that wandered by and after reading this thought they might have been you. Yeah, it was great time. Hope you can make it sometime. And it's Eric, but my friends call me Kinsey.

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Tip Top
How did you know they were Brits?
were they pasty white & sun-burnt & smelling of tea?

tiptopdadddy said...

Years and years in the Rockabilly scene, going to weekenders, etc, conditioned me to pick out Brits. I noticed them at first then I overheard them as they were checking out a friends bike.

#39 said...

Nice photos. In the checkered flag photo, I believe the man waving the checkers is Kevin Clarke. He was the starter/referee for NEDTS for years, till he got an offer from FormulaUSA to run their program. They didn't last long. Then he did our programs occasionally, till this gig came along. Super showman, knows how to run a race and he handles the flags like a pro.