Saturday, 29 August 2009

Goliath loves David

Bauer Consumer Publishing produce MCN, Bike, Performance Bikes, Classic Bike, What Bike? and Ride. They are a multinational publishing house. I do quite a bit of work for them as a freelance writer and have good friends there, but I didn't expect, when I visited it's Peterborough HQ on Friday, to find three of their staff all sporting Sideburn's iconic Dick Mann shirt. The fellas with style are Hugo (Classic Bike ed), Rupert (freelancer and former PB editor/legend) and Mark (Bike's production editor). GI
PS Contrary to the evidence here, wearing Sideburn shirts does NOT cause or hasten the onset of male pattern baldness.


Ringadingdoo said...

They may well publish "MCN, Bike, Performance Bikes, Classic Bike, What Bike? and Ride" but they don't publish Sideburn! - And thats why they will never be the coolest kids in town!

keep it up guys!

Diplomate said...

Gary - re concentrations of SB t-shirts - I did count four in the Wednesday evening Pilates class !!! Maybe not the association you're really looking for but a good effort all the same.