Thursday, 13 August 2009

Running on empty

Dealing with every aspect of the Sideburn business means we notice every little up and down. There is no filter. We write the envelopes, walk to the post office, the whole thing. So, we notice when there's a rush on Dick Mann T-shirts. I counted up and we have 19 left. Once they're gone, they're gone. We like the idea that Sideburn stuff will become collectible to some and a little significant to those who are in at the beginning.
So, this is what we have left,
Small: 2 x Knuckle White/ 1 x Blood Red/ 2 x Dirt Brown/ 3 x Graphite Grey
Med: 1 x white/ 1 x Army green/ 2 x Dirt Brown
Large: 2 x Chocolate Brown/ 2 x Graphite Grey / 1 x Knuckle White

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Rusk said...

Can we get a Sideburn calendar, with her? :)

Chopperdave said...

Hey! shoot me an email, I am pretty sure i have some shiny stuff to send you...