Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Hi Gary,
Heh, may be a little confusing, but I ordered #6 and the Rollerball T-shirt, my pay-pal address is through my wife's e-mail. You were nice enough to respond (very thoughtful...) and asked where she had heard about Sideburn. Sorry to break the news Gary, but you do not have a female subscriber, it's just me! I've been following your magazine and blog for the better part of a year now, and honestly feel it's the best out there. I enjoy Dice, but don't have a chopper, and all the newsstang mags talk about are new, very expensive bikes.
To me, Flat track racing is accessible, and the bikes are home-built for the most part and plain damn cool. A while back you had posted a few pictures of a old Honda CBR set up for beach racing, those couple of photos inspired me probably more than any others out there on the vast web. You see, I have a budget build going now (I'm on a tight budget mind you..) of an old 89 Yamaha FZR600. It's being built similar to the CBR. Just need a set of 19's and a proper tail! (attached is a pic...)
Thank you so much and really looking forward to my package from overseas!
Tom z.
Madison, Wi, USA


Anonymous said...

nice lookin bike!.
cant beat a splash o matt black!!.

Sideburn Magazine said...

A lot of people will look at this rattle-can budget bike and think 'what a heap o' shite', but Sideburn is, amongst other things, an orphanage to such vehicles. You have to look into the darkness with a sculptors vision, set to with hammer and chisel, carve your dream.

Giannis said...

Slap an XR seat lets see it!

tom said...

Rad! It is indeed a sculpture, a work of art in progress, built of dirt and cheap beer. And yes, an XR seat is in order!